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View Over 30,000 Photos of The Kitties & Hundreds of Videos


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Puffy Paws is the first rescue in the area, since 2009 , that features adoptable & special needs kitties  LIVE on the Internet
Without local media support and until we can get the Catmobile remoded on the inside for mobile cat adoptions, the Live Shows are the only we can find the adoptable kitties furever homes.
If You Missed The Kitties Live You Can Always Watch The Archive Shows. 
Please Call Rick at 941 623 -8904 to set up a play date with any of the adoptable kitties of your dreams, you see.
All play dates will be held at The Business Center office.
If you're you looking for a new family member ? 

Like the kitty you see ?  Call us at 941- 623 - 8904 and we we will set up a Play date dow at the Business center.


The Cat Food Bills, Vet Bills and Power Bills & The Business Center Rent and more.
We post them online and you can see years of them by clicking on the picture. (Right)

Puffy Paws Kitty Haven is the only local recuse that post operating expenses on-line when they are paid. The Cat Food Bills, Vet Bills and Power Bills & The Business Center Rent.

We post then on the kitties facebook page and you can see years of them them @ https://www.facebook.com/TheWorldsGreatestCat…/photos_stream

Also we send them out, to the kitties world wide family via our SOS's and updates, we send out each week.

The kitty lovers of the world deserve to see where their hard earn donations go.

We believes in 100% transparency in all of our dealings.

Chrissy and Rick do not get paid. 100% of all donations goes into running Puffy Paws

The priority of incoming funds are in this order, the kitties daily needs, vet care and operating expenses.
After that, funds are used for the maintenance and improvement of the Haven for the kitties and the care and maintenance of the vehicles.  

Just by asking for help when the kitties need it. The unwanted & special need kitties are blessed to have a world wide family that loves them ever so much.  Thank You !!

The operating expense page @
is designed to let the whole world know were their donations go and why and when they are needed each and every month.

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