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The Pop Culture Antique Museum



The Pop Culture Antique Museum


Check out the Video The Pop Culture Antique Museum.
It is like taking a trip down Memory Lane.  We have a hodgepodge of collectibles from times gone by and a lot of the stuff is hard to find anywhere else in one place.

We have that prefect gift available on-line for that someone who has everything.
Check out the vido and see why its a blast from the past and ...

" Where Your Childhood Memories Come Alive "

* Please keep in mind that nothing is for sale but
every item in The Pop Culture Antique Museum is
available for folk's to have for a donation on our Puffy Paws Crazy GiveAway Page.
 Kind of like what they do on the Public Board-casting TV Channels. (PBS). On TV when you make a $50 dollar donation you get a coffee cup at The Pop Culture Antique Museum we have a wide variety of strange and unique items to choose from.

Currently their is over 2,000 sq feet of highly collectible goods in The Pop Culture Antique Museum. We have decided that we can generate more funds by putting  the contents from the Museum, on the Puffy Paws Crazy GiveAway Page for a donation to a world wide audience along with creating awareness on facebook, highlighting the strange and unique items we have in the Museum ,from eras gone by. 
Check out the kitties new fundraising page on facebook to entice kitty lovers from around the world to donate to the kitties by offering cool items from The Pop Culture Antique Museum..



If You See Something You Like In The Video Please Private Message Us, On The Puffy Paws Crazy Give Away & Auction Page and We Will List It For You.

Thank You - Mad Kitty Love.


Please Click The Box To Go The Puffy Paws Crazy Giveaways & Auction Page.

The Pop Culture Antique Museum

The Stranger The Better
Also we are in need of any digital cameras, camcorders, computers, lap tops, tablets, video games & systems,  DVD's ,that you are no longer using.
Please send them too:
Puffy Paws Kitty Haven
270 Lakeview Lane
Englewood Florida 3422

How To Find The -The Pop Culture Antique Museum

We are located off San Casa Drive on Woodgate Ct.

If you are in the Englewood's Walmart's parking lot and are facing the far right hand entrance ,which is the Grocery entrance. Look right and you will a set of storage units, we are the last unit on the left - Unit E.

8315 Woodgate Ct, Englewood, FL 34224-8180
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