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The Catmobile



It is a 1977 aluminum step van. The engine is a 1977 350 Olds Rocket with a Edelbrock ,4 barrel Performance Carburetor with dual exhaust glasspacks.

Our adoption & education program will soon be back and we are taking it on the road. (Fall of 2016 )

We will also be implementing a traveling educational program for the public that special kitties needs needs special people ,to give the hard to adopt kitties fur-ever homes.

We have waited many years and now sweet revenge is ours by good living.

When " The Catmobile ", is on the road and up to the kitties standard, we will be turning heads no matter where we go.

" The Catmobile ": Our adoption program and new education program will soon be in action and we are taking it on the road. In Novem­ber 2009, we were dealt a major set­back: a Sara­sota County code enforce­ment offi­cer showed up at the door to inform us that we were in vio­la­tion of a code for­bid­ding home-based busi­nesses in our area.We adopted 300 kitties from the Haven until we were shut down.
Our adoptions rates have suffered because of evil hearts. Through out the years it has been a long hard road in finding the kitties "Fur-Ever' homes. We have been doing all we can do in finding homes for the adoptable kitties under our care, as you shall read. Trials & Tribulation of Adoptions For the full story.


We are going to have adoptions events and create awareness by traveling to major events in town and Southwest Florida, once we done remodeling it.

We will be implementing a traveling educational program: Special Needs Kitties For Special People.
We been wanting to do this for years ,with the right vehicle and now we have one.

For the full story background story from a few years back.
Please Read: Puffy Paws wants RV to make hotel room for cats .


Now we have
" The Catmobile ".
She should be completed by the end of Summer of 2018 and ready for mobile cat adoptions in the Fall, when the weather is cooler, with your help.

Yet funds are needed for a roof top AC to complete the The Catmobile to make it kitty worthy - Thank You !!!

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