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Haven Maintenance


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The priority of incoming funds are in this order, the kitties daily needs, vet care and operating expenses. After that, funds are used for the maintenance and improvement of the Haven for the kitties.


Chrissy's Shabby Chic Cafe.

Say Goodbye to the Kool Katz Cafe. As you know the kitties are hard on furniture and with a year in, the kitties did a number on the furniture in the Kool Katz Cafe and power surges in the Summer Storms wiped the Monster frig and other electronics.
The Slot machine and gunball machines are available for a donation, locally.
In December Chrissy and I went out and brought used furniture to replace and redo the whole room.
We have to buy new vinyl flooring cause the vinyl floor we had did not last with the kitties claw.
So everything is coming out and the new is coming in.
Rick made up the Kool Katz Cafe and now its Chrissy turn.
Coming Soon - Chrissy's Shabby Chic Cafe.
How Kitty  Kat Kool is that ?


This Is Is What The Local & National Media Has Been Saying About Puffy Paws Kitty Haven.

 " Puffy Paws is a Taj Mahal For Kitties ".Dee Anne Roberts WENG Radio Host - All About Pets 

" The Cat’s Meow of Nonprofit Organizations"
Alissa Wolf from about.com

 Josh Taylor from ABC 7 News has called Puffy Paws Kitty Haven
" A Bed & Breakfast For Cats ".

Tami Patzer from the Gasparilla Gazette, wrote " Puffy Paws Kitty Haven is immaculate and if all the cats hid under the bed, anyone entering the home would have no clue cats even lived there.

Stephen Baumann from the Englewood Sun Herald wrote - You might think the Kingston household is a crowded, purring, furry mess. It's not.The house is big enough, and the cats small enough, that everyone's got more than enough room to stretch out, which is how cats spend much of their day anyhow.


Puffy Paws is set up to handle the different medical concerns the kitties have by separating them into their very own living quarters.
The 2700 sq foot " Haven Home " has our healthy adoptable kitties, andtheir permanent residence who have physical, emotional and behavioral problems. 
Our 2nd building is 800 sq foot and 400 sq foot of it is solely use for the kitties with feline leukemia, which we have nick named " The Kitty Angel Club " because all the precious fur-babies are living angels who are living out their lives.


As you can imagined taking care of the Haven requires frequent upkeep and repairs.
Such as painting, plumbing, electrical, carpenter work and more.
If you like to help out buying the supplies & materials for the various project, please read all about the projects, we are currently working on and what material & supplies is needed. You may make an on-line donation or please  go to the kitties Amazon Wish List and you may purchases them, for delivery to the Haven and in some cases, they will be available for an in store pick-up by us.
Thank you very much for helping out the 200 special needs and unwanted kitties in providing them the a bed & breakfast environment for them to live out their lives.
Rick & Chrissy Kingston
Puffy Paws Kitty Haven
If you have any question about any of the projects, please call me at 941-623-8904.



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