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Foster A Kitty


Foster Homes

Since space is limited , we are expanding our adoption program by seeking foster families to provide a temporary home for unwanted kitties that come into Puffy Paws Kitty Haven (PPKH) care until forever homes can be found.

What is a foster home ?

These homes provide temporary shelter and care for the kitties in our adoption program. Foster homes come in all types: families, couples, people living alone. Most of them already have pets of their own. Some have large homes, some have quite small homes. But all of them have decided to make room for an extra kitty, or mom and litter, to give these kitties time to find a new home that is a good fit.

Some of these pets have had rough experiences, and need time and care to learn to trust and enjoy human company again. Some of them need time to heal from injuries or illnesses. Foster homes give the time, affection and shelter to let these kitties recover and find responsible new homes.

Who provides what ?

In addition to compassion and room in your home, the foster home usually provides quality food and also litter for cats.
Puffy Paws Kitty Haven covers the costs of all veterinary care. We make sure the kitties are tested for communicable diseases, to ensure the "foster brother and sister “cats are not at risk.

How will my pets deal with this?

We recommend that the foster pet at first be kept separate from the foster home's cats, and give him or her time to adjust to the foster folks. Some foster home pets adjust quite quickly to a "visitor".

And in some cases, the foster pets are kept separate, and are given their own time and attention. This may work especially well for a mom and a new litter, for example.

Fostering does require some patience and effort to make it work. We are so often charmed and amazed at the creative and kind ways foster homes are able to fit in that extra cat who needs their help.

What if it doesn't work ?

If it is just too much, the foster kitty goes to another foster family right away. It is important to both Puffy Paws and the kitties that fostering is a rewarding experience for you.

How long does it take to find a new home ?

It can be a week or two, or even up to a few months. Always with the agreement that if it does not work out, the foster pet will go to another foster home. What we know is we can't predict how quickly a new home will be found; our predictions have been proven wrong both ways lots of times!

Do I help find a home for my foster kitty ?

Puffy Paws does the work to find and screen potential adopters. The foster is asked to have the pet ready and available for special events and for Puffy Paws when someone is interested in adopting the kitty.

I think it would be hard to part with a foster pet!

All of us who have fostered would agree it is not easy to let a kitty you have taken in leave for a new home. Puffy Paws has a careful screening process and gives weight to any input foster folks would like to give. We also adopt only to people who agree up front that a Puffy Paws Kitty Haven volunteer may either arrange to visit a kitty in its new home, or deliver the pet to the home. We encourage fosters to be the volunteers who visit "their" pets in their new homes.

Seeing your rescue cat in a great home, taking it a special treat or toy, and being able to answer any questions the new owner may have helps to see the value of your efforts, and makes it easier to foster again.

How Do I Become a foster ?

All foster are subject to an home inspection prior to taking in any kitties.

Please call us to arrange an interview at 941 -623-8904.

Thank You 


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