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Rick,Chrissy & Da Kitties Wishes You All A Happy Holiday

Please Make Your Holiday Donation Here & Leave Some Holiday Cheer

By Leaving A Special Holiday Message to Rick,Chrissy & Da Kitties.

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This Holiday Season we want to say.

Thank you !

These two words can never express what Chrissy and I feel.
You have done where others do not dare to go.
You opened up your hearts to the second chance kitties at Puffy Paws.

What a difficult road we all travel for the sake of 200 special needs kitties that depends upon the entire world of kitty lovers to see the light of tomorrow.
We all are taking a stand, by words and deeds that every kitty life is just as precious as the next.
We can never thank you enough.

If you can help with a Holiday Donation. Please do.
Thank you for keeping the kitties safe from an ever so cruel world where they came from.

Only by asking for help when we need it, is the only way we make it at a day at a time. No Donation Is Ever To Small.

In these hard economical times, we all know the personal sacrifices each and everyone of you make when you donate to the kitties at Puffy Paws Kitty Haven and for this we will always be eternally grateful.

Please only give what your heart & budget can afford.

Have a great Holiday Season
Rick & Chrissy & Da Kitties

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